Machine for mass gluing L-shaped jamb

Machine for mass gluing L-shaped jamb (sill) is used in production the door, door casing and door frame. This machine is intended to bond two MDF panels certain size (certain width and thickness) at 90 ˚ with subsequent formation of a jamb (sill) in the form L-profile.

Also, the machine performs all the operations necessary to make the final appearance of the billet. It is right and left milling, chamfering, grooving, and opening of the juncture. All these operations are performed serially and in automatic mode.

Machine for mass gluing L-shaped jamb is ideal for those who want to get the best results with the least expenses.

•    Automatic feeding of profiles
•    Right-Left milling
•    Joint(juncture) opening
•    Grooving
•    Chamfering
•    Capacity: 600 - 700 pieces per hour

Automatic feeding of profiles

Automatic feeding of profiles

Büyük Pervaz

Thickness of work piece 8 - 30 mm
Thickness of lath 3 - 6 mm
Width of work piece 65 - 125 mm
Width of lath 10 - 80 mm
Working speed 32 m/dak
Capacity of the glue pot 4 kg
Resistance power of the glue pot 3800 watt
Frequency motor 1,3 kw 12000 rv/min 2 adet
Frequency motor 2,2 kw 12000 rv/min 3 adet
Pallet engines 1,5 kw 1 adet
Total motor power 10,7 kw
Charger unit 1 adet
Output for sawdust 2 adet
Total electric power 14,5 kw
Air pressure 6 bar
Mains voltage 380 V, 50 Hz
Current intensity 70 A
Dimensions 7000 x 1400 x 1200 mm
Weight 1620 kg