Machine tools for gluing “L”-shaped jamb - Normal

Machine for gluing L-shaped jamb is using in production the door, door casing and door frame. This machine is intended to bond two MDF panels certain size (certain width and thickness) at 90 ˚ with subsequent formation of a jamb (sill) in the form "L"-profile. Also, the machine performs all the operations necessary to make the final appearance of the billet.

Features of machine tool:

• Automatic feeding of profiles
• Gluing "L" shaped sill
• Right-Left milling
• Grooving
• Chamfering
• Joint(juncture) opening
• Capacity: 250 - 300 pieces per hour

All processes on the machine are fully automated.

Ready L-shaped jamb

Machine for gluing “L”-shaped jamb


Thickness of work piece 8 - 30 mm
Thickness of lath 3 - 6 mm
Width of work piece 60 - 120 mm
Width of lath 10 - 80 mm
Working speed 16 m/min
Capacity of the glue pot 3 kg
Resistance power of the glue pot 2800 watt
Total motor power 8,7 kw
Charger unit 2 pcs
Output for sawdust 2 pcs
Total electric power 11,5 kw
Air pressure 6 bar
Mains voltage 380 V, 50 Hz
Current intensity 45 A
Dimensions 5500 x 1300 x 1200 mm
Weight ≈ 900 kg