Edge banding machines - Hakkan

HAKKAN PLC edge banding machine is a fully automatic machine, controlled and configurable via the touch panel.

The machine is is multifunctional and due to the use of automated control system accelerates and facilitates the production process, while allowing get the best result!

•    Touch screen operator panel
•    PLC controlled automation system
•    Cutter
•    Üst baskı ayarı
•    Head- End rounding
•    Head- End zero cutting
•    Lower-Upper milling
•    Slant scraping
•    Oscillation buffing
•    Ability to work with profiles thickness up to 60 mm

Edge banding machine Hakkan

Edge banding machine Hakkan | Head- End rounding

Edge banding machine Hakkan | Head- End zero cutting

Mains voltage 380 V, 50 Hz
Current intensity 48 A
Thickness of tape 0,4 – 2,0 mm
Thickness of work piece 10 - 54 mm
Working speed 12 m/min – 15 m/min – 18 m/min
Total power 8 KW
Total resistanse power 3800 W
Air pressure 6 bar
Total air usage 50 lt/dk
Heat 185°C
Zero cutting 2 x 0,37 kW 12000 Dev./dk
Milling 2 x 0,37 kW 12000 Dev./dk
Weight 1500 kg
Dimensions (G x Y x D)    5000x1550x800 mm